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34 Unicorn Coloring Pages: Cute, Dancing, Rainbow Unicorns

Check out the amazing unicorn coloring pages. 34 unicorn pages to choose from including unicorn mandalas, with rainbows, balloons, castles, the cutest anywhere!

Unicorn Coloring Pages

What Kind of Powers Do Unicorns Possess?

Unicorns are no doubt magical creatures. And by magic, we mean the extraordinary, supernatural things that might happen when you see a unicorn around. Unicorns possess abilities and superpowers that go beyond our basic understanding and with the strength and magic of their horns, they can even fight the great Hulk – which is one of the strongest characters of all time.

There are many different kinds of unicorns that live in our world of boundless fantasy and imagination. Some are white while some are fluffy-pink. But all unicorns have many powers that originate from their pointy horns which gives them a symbol of tranquility and grace. Yet, the unicorn's horn is their most dangerous tool whenever it comes to a fight. The list can go on and on, so let us go further and discuss more about unicorns and their powers.

Unicorns Have Mindful Powers

When it comes to unicorns, blessings and magic are the two words that first come into mind. Unicorns have extraordinary magical powers and have the capability to do wonders as we have ourselves seen in different movies and fantasies.

Most unicorns are a symbol of purity and grace, and they also grant wishes to those who have crystal-clear hearts. So be mindful of what you do, be good and be thankful. Who knows? Maybe someday, by seeing your purity, a unicorn may grant you a wish!

But on the other hand, if you are sinful and shady, then beware of a unicorn. A unicorn has magical powers to sense the things that are present deep in your heart and can detect lies anytime and anywhere. They also have the power to pull you out of the world of bad deeds and darkness.

Unicorn's Horns Have Magical Powers

Many sources indicate that the most powerful and magical thing that a unicorn possesses is its horn – or alicorn for that matter. The alicorn has exceptional capabilities and can do wonders. It can also cure diseases like rubella, fever, measles and pain. You just need a unicorn to gently touch you or you can drink any liquid which is touched by a unicorn's horn.