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Princess Coloring Pages: 33 Amazing Princesses for Kids to Color

Looking for princess coloring pages? Here you will find 33 princesses to color – princess with castles, dragons and princesses with pals. The cutest anywhere!

PRINCESS Coloring Pages

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Do You Know These Things About Real-Life Princesses?

The Year was 1385.

The first time the word "princess" was ever written was way back in late 14th century in the Canterbury Tales written by Chaucer. Prior to this, it is said that daughter's of the Kings were only referred to as Lady and had no official title. Use the princess coloring pages to give the princesses the recognition they deserve!

No Autographs, please.

The British Royal family is one of the most famous monarchy's still around today. Their lives are written about and televised across the entire world for all to see, but one thing they are not permitted to do is sign autographs. Apparently, this rule comes directly from the Queen of England herself stating that it could pose a security risk for the family. Let's stick to a coloring page of the princess instead.

Life Without Social Media.

Many of us can't imagine life without logging onto all of our social media platforms multiple times a day. How else would we find out what all of our friends are doing? Unfortunately, this is not the case for most princesses. For the British royal family, there is a strict ban on any personal social media accounts and for the princesses especially. They do not want any private information leaked, and therefore, have official pages maintained by professionals only.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Movies are a much welcomed escape for many people, and there are many more who consider themselves to be movie fanatics. That's why award shows such as the Oscars are often watched by millions of people in a given year, and host the most glamorous men and women in Hollywood. However, there has been only one princess in history to ever been awarded the prestigious Oscar in 1955: Grace Kelly of Monaco. You may be able find a princess coloring page that embodies the beauty that Grace once held.

Keep the Lights on.

Not all princesses are just about the glam, the dresses, and the photographs. Many of them also participate in charity or community service to those in need. The princess Abzeita Djigma of Burkina Faso in West Africa, not only descended from a legendary warrior, but she also runs her own solar energy business called AbzeSolar. They train people in the technical aspects of solar power and solar powered technologies so that communities can utilize the lights, lamps, and heaters given to them by her and the company. Now, children can get creative with their own princess coloring pages any time of the day thanks to her.

Make Your Own Path.

In the 7th century, there was a young woman named Pingyang who stood alongside her father to help him win the throne in their region of China. It was her bravery and loyalty to family that allowed her to rally an army of thousands of men to fight for her cause instead of facing total exile. When they won, her father became king and her, a hero and royalty.