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54 Halloween Coloring Pages: Color Cute Pumpkins, Mummies

Here you will find a wonderful collection of 54 Halloween coloring pages. Get inspired with cute, not scary, pumpkins, ghosts, scenes with cute kids, mummies.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Happy Ghost coloring page
Happy Halloween coloring page
Little Witch coloring page

Creative Ways to Use Coloring Pages

If you enjoy coloring, you might be sad when finishing a coloring page and feel like you have nothing to do with the page. Here are things that you can use a coloring page for so others can see your coloring talent. Explore these unique ways to use your finished coloring pages.

Use Coloring Pages as Gift Wrap or Make Gift Bags
If you have a small gift item that needs wrapping, you can wrap a finished coloring page around the item and tape. Use a coloring page just as you would use any wrapping paper. You can also use a coloring page to fold as a gift bag that you can stash an item in. This is a colorful and cheap, customized gift wrap option. Just do a web search for "gift bag template".

gift bag template

Decoupage Your Coloring Pages
Make a one-of-a-kind vase or serving tray using your colored pages and decoupage. I prefer to use Mod Podge to decoupage. With Mod Podge, almost every surface can be decoupaged! Surfaces to decoupage include paper, wood, fabric, metal, glass, tin and more. If you haven't used decoupage before, start with a small project such as a bird house, frame or a plaque. After you become more experienced with decoupage, try coasters, vases, trays, rocks, Christmas ornaments or even an iPad case. Many Mod Podge ideas for your finished coloring pages can be found on this blog -

decoupage your coloring pages