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Firefighter Coloring Pages – Color Cute Firemen, Fire Trucks

Choose from 15 firefighter coloring pages that include fire trucks, fireman, girl firefighters, fire, hydrants, dalmatians, hose, fire extinguisher and more.

Firefighter Coloring Pages

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Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Firefighter Coloring Pages

If you love the hobby of coloring and are a die-hard fan of coloring books then it would be extremely easy for you to find something to color. But the real challenge comes when you have colored your book and do not know what to do after.

You can always hang some of the pictures that your have colored and the gorgeous designs that you have made but there are only so many walls that you can use to hang your finished colored pages. And it would be no less than a shame to put all the remaining colored pages in a drawer somewhere.

Don't worry! We may have a plan for you – actually a lot of them so that you may use your finished coloring pages to make something awesome and to repurpose them into something different and unique. So, let's jump onto our ideas!

Turning Coloring Pages into Wrapping Paper
Let's say that there is a birthday coming and the birthday boy is a person whom you love the most. Wouldn't that person like your gift if it is specially wrapped with coloring pages that you yourself colored? He'd be jumping with happiness!

Wrapping your gift in your coloring pages will send a message that you love them with all your heart.

Creating A DIY Name Plaque
Ok. Let's face it. We all need to tell people whose room is whose and place a name plaque outside our bedroom doors so that everyone can know that this is your room. This not only helps guests but also adds a little flavor to your room. You do not need to order pricey name plaques or buy them from stores. You just need to take out your best colored pages and artwork and repurpose them into a name plaque with your name on it.

Customizing Your Phone Case
This one is for both children and adults. We spend tons of money on new phone cases so that our gadgets may look pretty and feel like new. But you do not have to buy new covers for your phones or tablets. What if I tell you that you can make one at home? You'd listen right? There is no rocket science involved.

Just take out your transparent phone cover and cut your already colored pages to the size of your phone cover. Place the page inside the cover so that the design front faces outside and now put your phone in the cover. Viola! You have a brand-new cover and you can have one every time when you change the colored page.