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Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Popular Dinosaurs for Kids to Color

Check out these very popular dinosaur coloring pages for children to color. This large selection of dinosaur coloring pages includes many dinosaur scenes.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

What is the world's most dangerous dinosaur that ever lived on this planet?

All dinosaurs were extremely dangerous – to say the least, but some of them are far more ferocious, meat hungry and deadly than others. Let us dive more into detail and discuss the most dangerous dinosaurs that ever lived on this planet.


In the Cretaceous period, the dinosaurs that lived in the region of South America were relatively more bulky and larger than their counterparts in the rest of the world. Weighing approximately 8 to 10 tons, the Giganotosaurus is one of the biggest and bulkiest predators ever to live on Earth. It had three huge and deadly claws that were capable of tearing apart anything that came in front of it.


If we talk about raptors in general, Velociraptor and Deinonychus get all the fame and exposure. But most people do not know that they were nothing in comparison to the hunting skills and capabilities of Utahraptor. Researchers found its specimens which date back to approximately 50 million years. What it showed was that the Utahraptor had sickle-shaped claws which were extremely sharp and this raptor had the anatomy to be very agile and fast – no one could run away from it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

Tyrannosaurus Rex is arguably the most fierce and dangerous-looking dinosaur. It's not quite sure that whether the T-Rex used to hunt its own prey or ate dead carcasses, but it is a fact that it was equipped with every possible tool to make it one of the deadliest dinosaurs in the world. The T-Rex's 8 to 10-ton weight, excellent eyesight and exceptionally sharp teeth made it no less than a killing machine.


The Stegosaurus dinosaur might not seem dangerous at all with its small body, little brain, and plant-eating habits. But it had one thing that made it unique and deadly. And that was its dangerously spiked tail. When presented with an adversary, the tail of a Stegosaurus could easily crush the heads of most of the dinosaurs. You can easily imagine a funny looking dumb small dinosaur jumping here and there with its long spiky tail but be careful not to tease him.