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12 Cow Coloring Pages & Outlines – Best Cute Cow Scenes

Let your kids get creative with these cow coloring pages! Choose cow outlines or cute cows like a cow with milk and cookies, or the cow that jumped over the moon.

Cow Coloring Pages

Things to Love About Cows

If you have never given much attention to cows, then it is a perfect time to understand and learn about this beautiful animal. Cows are one of the most intelligent and emotional creatures ever to live on this planet.

The great Mahatma Gandhi viewed the cow as "a poem of compassion" and if you observe this species carefully, you will surely second Mahatma's opinion about cows. Here are some of the most fascinating things about cows:

Cows Are Really Smart

To say that cows are inherently dumb is farthest from the truth. Actually, science tells us that cows are very intelligent and curious beings. Unlike many animals, they also have the skill of association and remember faces. Cows level of intellect is such that they can also determine their future actions according to their past experiences.

Studies show that cows also like a lot of challenges and they get extremely excited when they are presented with challenges. An increase in brain waves and heart rates is normal in this scenario. And cows even jump in excitement making funny noises. How cool is that?

Cows Remember Everything

If you encounter a cow somewhere, be sure to be nice to her, because she will remember every single detail of that encounter. Cows have extraordinary memories and can remember past encounters, faces and places as well. This is because they have excellent spatial memory as well which help them in identifying good grazing spots, shelter, and most importantly, the location of their calves.

Cows Are Very Emotional

Just like human beings, cows are very emotional and sensitive. It is interesting to know that they also have mood swings. Whenever it is sunny outside cows will be happy and if the weather is not so favorable, they will become sad. When the cows are let outside, especially after staying in a barn for too long, they run and jump in joy – celebrating their freedom to the fullest.

Cows Believe in Close Friendships

Human beings tend to know many people in their lives, but they form close friendships with just a few, because we understand that close friends are the only ones we can trust and expect help from.

Just like human beings, cows also form close friendships. They choose to spend most of their time with their BFFs (Best Friend Forever). And different studies suggest that when cows are with their best friends, their stress level gets decreased and when they are separated, their stress levels get increased by a massive amount.