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Chicken Coloring Pages: Fun Chicken Scenes for Coloring

Chicken coloring pages and outlines to print and color. Cute chickens in barnyard scenes or just chicken outlines. Chickens to color - farm animal sheets.

Chicken Coloring Pages

What are the Benefits of Raising Chickens?

Bringing little chicks home and raising them into fully grown chickens can be a lot of fun, especially when you see their cute little feathery bodies running here and there to find food. But it also involves a lot of challenges such as dealing with a lot of noise and dirt in your back lawn or inside your home. So, you should know about all the challenges as well as the advantages of keeping chickens in your backyard.

Chickens Lay Eggs

Eggs are a great source of energy and many products, such as mayonnaise and cake, have eggs in them. They are also very tasty and full of nutrition as people all over the world commonly eat eggs at breakfast to start their day.

Having chickens at your home adds another benefit. Once they give fresh eggs, you can sell them to have some extra money and this may also be a cool, fun activity for your kids. You could assign one egg each day to your kids and ask them to sell it to your neighbors. This will help your kids to become more confident and will add certain sales-related skills that could help them in their future.

Chickens Are Excellent Pets

Believe it or not, apart from all the dirt and noise that would follow, having a flock of backyard chickens is totally worth it. Each chicken at your home would have a unique personality; some would be extremely shy and quiet while some would be so naughty that you would start to have second thoughts over keeping chickens anymore. Simply put, chickens make great pets and your children will start to love them even more with each passing day.

Chickens Help Clean Your Yard

Yes, chickens do get things dirty and are sometimes unmanageable. But on the bright side, they are hard workers in keeping your lawn clean from. Apart from that, chickens also eat fallen fruits from trees that would otherwise rot away and attract unwanted bugs and insects in your lawn.