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Cat Coloring Pages

Signs That Your Cat Simply Adores You

With their flat expressions and apparently indifferent attitude toward their human keepers, cats can be extremely difficult to read. Yes, cats do not show their love for you by giving you slobbery kisses all the time like dogs as they have different ways to communicate their affection.

Some of the ways that cats show how much they love you are as follows:

Cats Headbutts You Showing Its Affection

Imagine your friend ramming his head into your side. You wouldn't like that, would you? But with cats, the case is completely different. When cats headbutt you, they are telling you that they have a tremendous amount of love and affection for you.

Pet behavior researchers suggest that a cat might headbutt you if it wants you to be your friend. What cats usually do is that they rub their bodies against you as a token of affection. This is especially true as cats have scent glands on their cheeks, lips and foreheads. By headbutting you, cats leave a particular scent on you, marking you as their friend. How cool is that!

Cats Show You Their Tummy

There are very few things cuter than a cat showing you its tummy. If your cat does something like this with you, then congratulations! You have earned his trust.

According to researchers, animals will show the most vulnerable parts of their body whenever they feel comfortable with someone. Same is the case with cats. Cats tend to show their bellies whenever they feel secure and relaxed while being vulnerable. If your cat stretches out in front of you, don't think of it as their exercise but more of a token of affection.

Cats Purr When They Are Happy in Your Presence

This is an interesting fact when it comes to cats. They purr whenever they feel excited and happy in your presence. According to the behavior manager for Cats Protection, cats do not purr for everyone. They reserve their purrs for their kittens and the humans that they adore. And if your cat purrs in front of you, then you are one of the luckiest persons on this planet.

Cats Bring You Different Gifts

Well, that may sound a bit strange but, in fact, this is a truth when it comes to the nature and psychology of cats. Cats will bring you trash, dead mice and whatever else they can get their hands on just to tell you how important you are to them. That is actually quite cute. Researchers explain this act as a reflection of cat's sense of security with their caretakers. Whenever your cat feels safe and at home, he will bring all the treasures he has found to share with you. After all, you are his best buddy, aren't you?