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Camel Coloring Pages

Are Camels friendly? Amazing things about Camels…

The word "camel" comes from the word in Arabic that means "beautiful". While the thought of beauty and grace does not come when you think of a camel, it has many remarkable attributes that one should ought to know and admire. Camels are native to Asia, Africa and the Middle East and they have been used for centuries in trade caravans and for personal use to carry people and goods across huge deserts.

Camels can easily carry up to 771 pounds and can run up to a speed of 25 miles per hour. Their perseverance in the harsh environment of deserts – where there is no food or water for hundreds of miles – has earned their name: "ships of the desert". At birth, a baby camel can weigh 50 to 100 pounds and they can grow up to weigh 2500 pounds.

Camels have been introduced in other parts of the world as well, including North America. Camels seem to be bored all the time and can be thought of as slow animals. But the opposite is true. They are extremely social animals and like to interact with humans as they are very friendly. While in the wild, they prefer to stay in packs and work together to look for food.

What do Camels Eat?

One of the many fascinating things about camels is that they are not choosy when it comes to eating. They can eat almost anything in the plant kingdom and this trait massively helps them in the desert where food and water is scarce. Usually they eat grass, wheat and oats. When they are in the desert, they can stay alive by only eating dry leaves and seeds. Some say that they can also eat leather as well. Owing to their thick lips and 34 teeth, unlike other animals, they can easily eat thorny plants as well. Their stomach is divided into three compartments which helps them in eating this ragged diet. But there is one thing that camel cannot and will not eat, and that is meat. Camels are herbivores.

Do Camels Sleep?

Yes, they do. Actually, they sleep while standing up all night long. This is because it keeps them safe from other predators in the desert. They can sleep for 6 hours at night. And an interesting thing about camels is that they can withstand massive temperature changes of the desert where the nights are cold, and the days are extremely hot. They are the cute wonders of this world.