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Butterfly Coloring Pages: Beautiful Butterflies to Color

Large selection of FREE butterfly coloring pages! Download these sweet butterfly printables to charm your child. Also mandala butterflies with designs and patterns to color.

Butterfly Coloring Pages

What are the Stages in the Life Cycle of a Butterfly?

The life cycle of a butterfly that starts from just the egg and develops into a fully grown butterfly is utterly amazing as it engulfs the spirit of life into its process. A butterfly's life cycle has a total of 4 stages which are the egg, the larva, the pupa and the adult butterfly.

The Butterfly Egg

The very first stage in the life cycle of a butterfly is the egg. This particular stage lasts about 4 to 7 days but it varies among the different species of butterflies. When the climate is rough and extremely cold, the egg prolongs its stage in order to survive through the harsh climates.

The Butterfly Caterpillar

After the egg stage, a caterpillar is born and its first ever meal is its own eggshell. The caterpillar must gain a lot of mass before going into the pupa stage as transformation involves a lot of energy and that energy comes from a lot of eating. So, naturally, the caterpillar is no less than an eating machine, and thanks to its eating habits, it gains a lot of body mass.

A caterpillar molts (sheds old skin) several times in the caterpillar stage. This continuous shedding of skin is due to the fact that the caterpillar is continuously evolving and growing out of its own mass and size. So, it needs to have a skin that supports its size, hence it molts its way through this phase every time it grows.

The Butterfly Chrysalis

After the caterpillar has gained enough mass, now it is ready to enter its next phase called the butterfly chrysalis. What caterpillars do is that they start to spin a silk mat along their whole bodies and then they are ready to enter the chrysalis phase. They also spin silk strings to attach their silk mat to the branch of the tree so that they do not fall off the tree when they enter into a deep slumber. The silk strings work in the same way as the belt a lineman uses when they climb a telephone line.

Adult Butterfly

Here comes the final stage of the butterfly also known as the adult butterfly. The butterfly comes out of the silk mat – also known as the chrysalis, but its wings will be crumpled. The butterfly will pump its wings and wait for a few hours to let its wings become dry and hard enough to fly. And voila! A new, elegant life is born.