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Bunny Coloring Pages: Popular Cute Rabbit Coloring Pages

21 popular bunny rabbit coloring pages. Bunnies range from cutest of all bunnies with balloons to a rabbit mandala coloring page, even a mom bunny with babies.

Bunny Coloring Pages

Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Bunny

Bunnies are no doubt one of the cutest and amazing little creatures ever to live on this planet. With their fluffy ears, cute bodies, and hoppy legs, you are sure to fall in love with them and want one as a pet.

But if you want to bring any pet home, let alone a bunny, you need to learn about that particular animal beforehand. This is especially true for bunnies. Many people know what to expect when it comes to having a dog or a cat as a pet but to bring a rabbit home requires a lot of homework.

Caring for a rabbit is not as simple and easy as it would seem. But if you know what you are doing then you may have the best time in the world with your cute little bunny.

Rabbits Have a Life Span of 10 to 12 Years

This is one of the most important things when it comes to having a bunny as a pet. It is crucial to know the needs of a bunny throughout its different phases of life as caring for a bunny does not just mean to clean its poop every now and then.

Moreover, giving a bunny to your child as a gift comes with a lot of responsibility that your child may not be able to fulfill, especially owing to the fact that bunnies have varying needs as they grow and coping with their versatility may come as a challenge.

Bunnies Are Not Great Pets for Kids

I know. I know. That is not very good news but hear us out for a second. While your children may be thrilled to have a few bouncing rabbits in their home, it is difficult for rabbits to feel the same way – especially when their primary caretakers are children.

According to the studies conducted by the Humane Society, bunnies are prey animals. This means that they are easily startled and get frightened by noises and abrupt movements which primarily is the result of their survival instincts. Carrying a bunny makes them extremely uncomfortable as they would think that they are grabbed by a predator. So, it is advised by the Humane Society to wait until your kids are older before getting a bunny as a pet.

Bunnies Need a Lot of Room for Exercise

Bunnies are avid athletes and need a lot of exercise. According to PedMD, rabbits need 4 hours of exercise every day to remain healthy – this means that they cannot be put in a cage in a tight environment where they can become seriously ill. Simply put, if you want to keep a rabbit happy, then you have to give it a whole separate room or outdoor area for it to hop, run and mind its own business.