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Bumblebee Coloring Pages | Bee Coloring Pages

Keep your child busy with this collection of bumblebee coloring pages. There are many cute bees or just an outline. Also bees in dresses and bee friends coloring pages.

Bumblebee Coloring Pages

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Why are Bees Important?

Bees are extremely important for our ecosystem as well as our environment. With a furry body and delicate wings, bees are a common sight in the woods and in our gardens. But most of the people do not know the threats this exquisite creature is facing in this world.

Bees are often seen travelling their way from flower to flower and collecting nectar to make a delicious sparkly golden syrup we call honey. One cannot imagine a world without bees – it is like imagining a world without. But, unfortunately, this seems to be more of a possibility with each passing day as they are currently under serious threats.

Importance of Bees

Many of us think of bees as just flying insects darting among the flowers and collecting nectar to make honey, but their importance is much more than just that. If trees are important because they provide us with fresh breathable air then bees are also important as they pollinate flowers which result in fertilization and formation of new trees and flowers. This procedure of pollination helps our planet forming new jungles and providing wildlife for animals and different species.

Bees are Excellent Pollinators

According to research conducted by United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization, nearly 80 percent of all the flowering plants are formed because of the process called pollination – without which flowers cannot be formed, and different vegetables and fruits that we need for ourselves and our livestock could not be fertilized. So, in simple words, without pollination we could go hungry.

This pollination is done by animals and mostly by insects (which includes bees). Vegetables including cucumbers, broccoli and asparagus massively rely on bees to be pollinated as do almonds, apricots, strawberries and tomatoes.

While flowers and plants can be pollinated by other methods such as the wind, bats and birds, bees are the most important of the bunch for pollination. A study conducted by the UK revealed that if all the famers in UK were to manually pollinate all their crops, it would take a whopping $2.3 billion per year to do just that. So, bees are no less than a blessing for our wildlife, agriculture and economy.

The Importance of Honey

Okay, enough about the importance of bees as excellent pollinators. Let's talk about another thing bees are well known for. You guessed it. It's honey! Bees travel massive distances in search for nectar and collect it from hundreds of flowers. This golden syrup with an extremely mouthwatering sweet taste is no less than a blessing for us as it can be used for medicinal purposes and provides a lot of energy.