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Bird Coloring Pages: Amazing Selection of 30 Birds to Color

Looking for bird coloring pages? Here you will find 30 birds to color – birds flying, bird mandalas, love birds, birds in nests with eggs, birds on a limb.

Bird Coloring Pages

What are the Major Characteristics of Birds?

Birds are one of the most fascinating creatures ever to live on this planet. There are about 9,000 species of birds around the globe. Among the difference species, birds can have a huge contrast in their body shapes, sizes and color as we see hummingbirds with their tiny bodies and a full-grown ostrich with a height of up to 8 feet.

Birds are said to have evolved from reptilian dinosaurs and have many characteristics that are like other animals, including a four-chambered heart similar to a lot of animals, a skeletal backbone and spinal cord, and warm-bloodedness. But some characteristics of birds are incredibly unique and are worth studying.

Fascinating Bird Feathers

Feathers are one of the most fascinating characteristics unique to birds only. They are made up of keratin – a substance that is also found in the hair and nails of other animals. Feathers fulfill a lot of roles in a bird's lifetime and their use is not tied to flight only. Feathers are also used as a source of warmth for most birds when the climate is cold. And feathers are also used by males to attract their mates.

Different kinds of feathers are used for different purposes as contour feathers massively aid in flying and soft, fluffy feathers help keep the bird's body warm and cozy. Birds also shed their feathers once or twice a year in order to get fresh feathers.

Bird's Beak – How Does a Bird Eat?

All species of birds have a beak which is made up of bone and surrounded by a layer of keratin to grant it hardness. It's amazing to know that birds do not have teeth, so one may wonder, "How do they eat?" It is easy. To aid them in eating, they have tomia – sharp ridges around the edges of a bird's beak that helps them break down hard substances. What birds actually do is that with the help of their strong beaks, they break down large pieces of food into smaller pieces tiny enough for them to swallow without hurting themselves.

A Bird's Skeleton

Many of you would say "Hey! Skeletons are not unique to birds only." And I would say that yes, you are right! But the skeletons we are talking about here are ones which are extremely light weight so that birds can fly easily. Unlike other animals, a bird's collar bone is very rigid so that its wings can support its whole body in flight.