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Face Mask Coloring Pages: Cute Animal Pals with Face Masks

Looking for face mask coloring pages? Check out these cute animal friends wearing face masks. Also girls with face masks, hand washing, social distancing sign.

Animals With Face Masks Coloring Pages

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Amazing Benefits of Children and Parents Coloring Together

In these times of COVID-19, almost everything has changed – from stopping your children to playing outside and have fun with their friends to staying at home watching TV, rather than going on long vacations and enjoying beaches. There is no doubt that the quarantine is putting a lot of strain on the minds of children as they are unable to play outside and are stuck at home.

So, to remedy this situation, there must be activities that can help your children have fun while being inside their homes. You guessed it. It's coloring! Coloring will cheer your little souls but why should children get all the fun? You should also take part in this activity, after all, there is no harm in coloring some pages along with your children. ico">

And there are many benefits of coloring along with your children.

Helps Achieve Self-Expression

According to some of the world's most famous psychologists and studies, there are various human needs that are extremely important to be fulfilled. And one – that is arguably the most important of them – is self-expression.

Through the echelons of time, the human being has shown its dependence to Maslow's pyramid of needs where psychological and safety needs, and needs regarding love, esteem and self-actualization are present. And according to many scientists; children are the most vulnerable of all the age groups if their needs are not fulfilled.

According to Maslow, self-expression falls directly under the need of self-actualization. While self-actualization means to achieve the full potential of a human being; self-expression is the ability to create and is the first step to climbing the ladder of ultimate success. Children have a tremendous need to create and have a name and identity for themselves.

That is where coloring comes in. With your help, the psychological needs of your children can be fulfilled and they can have a healthy lifestyle. There are some more benefits of self-expression:

• The activity of coloring along with your children can help children achieve the level of self-expression which will ultimately result in sound psychological development and happiness.

• Self-expression through coloring can help children develop socially and have a much higher level of confidence.

Moreover, coloring along with your children allows you to connect with your children at a deeper and more personal level.