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61 Animal Mandala Coloring Pages: Most Popular Fun Mandalas

61 things every animal lover needs in their life – animal mandala coloring pages. Cats, dinosaurs, birds, dogs, pigs, tigers, turkeys, unicorns, rabbits, more!

Animal Mandala Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Help Children Overcome Anxiety

Recent studies show there is a deep connection between coloring and calmness. Children tend to get frustrated very easily owing to the fact that they are extremely curious beings. Something that doesn't excite them anymore gets them bored and anxious very easily.

Especially in these tough times when parents tend to keep their children inside their homes due to safety measures; children are getting more and more anxious trying to keep themselves busy – especially in those activities that they find interesting and worth their time. Coloring provides a nurturing ground for children who get bored very easily in every other activity.

One may ask, "Won't our children get bored after continuously coloring too?" Well, that is a good question but for starters, coloring is an activity that makes children get lost in their own imagination and no one knows where their own imagination would take them. And wherever there is imagination, kids don't get bored because the opposite is quite true – kids get so engrossed and engulfed in this activity that they become relaxed and calm.

There is an interesting fact that most psychologists who deal with anxious children are turning to the healing capabilities of coloring pages because the effects of coloring are therapeutic.

One of the reasons why coloring helps anxious children become relaxed and unagitated is the level of focus that children have when they are fully indulged in this activity. One of the main causes of anxiety in children is that they have a lot on their plate and are disturbed with all the thoughts that are present inside their beautiful little minds.

And this may happen due to anything – it may be due to changed routine, or not spending time with their friends. Having a lot to deal with at the same time gets them distracted and anxious. Coloring is no less than a wonder in this situation as it allows a kid to fully immerse himself to do just one thing and be with his own thoughts for a while. The various colors, extravagant shapes and marvelous sceneries will take your child to whole new worlds and in no time, it will seem as if there was no anxiety at all.

Not only that, but according to scientists coloring is one the few activities that activates both sides/hemispheres of the brain at once. As a result of this, a part of our brain called "amygdala" gets activated which controls our emotions. Now whenever a child is indulged in coloring, coloring helps sooth and calm the child, getting rid of all the anxiety. Coloring truly is amazing!