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4th of July Coloring Pages: Independence Day Coloring Pages

Looking for 4th of July coloring pages? Here are 22 coloring pages for kids or templates for crafts. Celebrate our Independence Day with cute coloring pages.

4th of July Coloring Pages

When Should Kids Start Coloring Pages?

We all know that coloring has a well-defined purpose and importance in our children's daily lives as it helps them to have useful skills and a lot of knowledge that comes along with some cute coloring pencils and coloring pages.

Coloring – and especially within the lines – imparts a lot of crucial skills within children. From polishing kids' cognitive abilities to sharpening their motor skills, coloring has an important role in every child's early development.

Figuring out when the time for children to start their journey introducing themselves to the world of coloring, well, there is no right time. It all depends upon your child's willingness to grab a color pencil and start smooshing his way on coloring pages.

Some kids love to color when they are 9 to 10 months old and some do not start to color even when they are 1 year old. It all depends on the aptitude of your children. But if your kid does not want to indulge himself in coloring, do not rush him because it might destroy the coloring interest that could have come with time.

Let your children begin coloring on their own and let them have that space. Coloring is an activity that opens the doors of wild imaginations and places where your children can wander freely. But if you push your children, they could develop a habit of disliking coloring altogether. So, it is always wise to see the natural inclinations of your children. Maybe after some time, your children will fall in love with coloring. Who knows?

In kickstarting your children's career in coloring (pun intended), you should provide them with a coloring marker with a wide nib and one that your child can easily grab, and a blank piece of paper that your toddler can color on. Now you just have to give your child some instructions so that he may follow – of course he won't but it would give him a sense of encouragement and roadmap to follow. Or what you can do is to just give your children a marker and a paper and let them be.

After some time, when your children get older, you may now introduce them with the names of the colors. Studies suggest that a 3-year-old child can distinguish between different colors easily and would be even able to name a few. This activity will not only be beneficial to your children in terms of cognitive development but will add to their basis knowledge too.